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    for those who need a blueprint to build confidence

    at work

  • Be the CEO of Your Career

    This program has a very simple objective: to provide you with a blueprint for building confidence in the boardroom. We achieve this together by sharpening up the eight most important enterprise skills.


    Designed by a former television news reporter - Andrea Clarke - and delivered by the CareerCEO crew of experts, we learn how to speak with authority, manage setbacks, influence outcomes, dress with authority, present with impact, handle difficult situations and manage stress via 8 weekly modules, short videos, live Q&A sessions & in-person workshops.


    Proudly partnering with Financial Executive Women + Accredited for continuing professional development by the Financial Planning Association of Australia. Accreditation number 008582 for 8 hours.

  • We're Happy

    because the average NPS (Net Promoter Score) for the program is 87 across Telstra, QBE, Orora & Bunnings

  • Direct Feedback

    From professionals at all levels, across all sectors

    Annie Louise Hall

    Marketing Executive at CBRE, Asia-Pacific

    "Two months after completing the program I was promoted into a new role. CareerCEO has equipped me with the skill set to walk into a meeting, know what I’m going to say and how I’m going to say it. I now have the tools to execute and to do it with confidence"

    Ming Tang

    IT Engineer at Cisco, Sydney

    “This program is well designed, concise and practical. I recommend it to any woman who wants inspiration, clarity, coaching and greater confidence to take charge of their career planning and execution”

    Jessica Hoste

    Senior Investigator at QBE Insurance, Sydney

    “I really value Andrea's advice and coaching style and would recommend this program to any individual who wants to take control of their career and any organisation who wants to promote the personal growth of their employees"



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