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Real Skills – is a series of one-hour digital programs that build real skills for the real world, led by Andrea Clarke, the Author of ‘Future Fit’ – winner of the Australian Business Book of the Year.


Each module includes tactical exercises, expert advice, downloadable resources & a LIVE Q&A discussion. Start anytime you’re ready, by yourself or with a group of friends.

Career Confidence

How confident are you?

Do you feel different levels of confidence at work and at home? We all probably believe that if we could be just a bit more confident and comfortable in our own skin, then we could do more, be more and achieve more in life. But there’s always something that seems to hold us back. So how can we learn to be more confident? This one-hour program will explain the science behind self-assurance and allow you to understand precisely how confident you are, what kind of confidence you have and how to build more confidence every day.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how confident you are

  • Understand the type of confidence you have

  • Develop confidence building skills

  • Be confident about communicating your value

  • Download a template to build your own resume

  • Feel at ease in any situation



Course Curriculum

Video / What is Confidence

Test / How Confident are You?

Video / When our Career Confidence Takes a Dip

Test/ What Kind of Confidence Do You Have? 

Worksheet / How to be Confident About Your Value to a Business

Video / Confidence Building Habits

Resources / Great Reads about Confidence + a downloadable resume template

Last tip/ Join the CareerCEO Alumni for a Live Q&A with Andrea Clarke & HR Director, Sally Dwyer



Understanding how to adapt, grow and excel in a changing environment.

How do you respond when life doesn’t go to plan? Setbacks in any form are part of life, but it’s how we manage them that matters. Resilience is about recognising those moments and using them to reset our course to live a life by design and not default. This one hour program will explain the science behind how we’re wired to deal with change and help us develop techniques to react in healthy ways.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Feel greater confidence to cope in times of uncertainty

  • See the opportunity in setbacks

  • Recognise environments and behaviors (people & situations) that             undermine your performance

  • Create a resilience roadmap – a list of habits that support everyday strength



Course Curriculum

Video / What is Real Resilience?

Quiz / What does Real Resilience Mean to You?

Video / How Are You Feeling Today?

Quiz / How Do You Deal with Setbacks?

Video / How Can We Build Real Resilience Through Uncertainty?

Worksheet / Tackling Change - Habits to Build Resilience Every Day

Resources / Great Reads about Resilience

Last tip/ Join the CareerCEO Alumni for a Live Q&A with HR Director, Sally Dwyer & Andrea Clarke


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