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“The present and the future belongs to the skilled, to the agile and to the resilient, this is what Future Fit is all about.” 

Bernard Salt AM, The Demographics Group


Award- winning author, Andrea Clarke, shares her experience, expertise and tactical advice on how to become truly Future Fit. “The future of work is here and it’s about talent – your talent. It's about upgrading our human skills because they’re landing differently in a hybrid environment,” says Clarke.  

“These skills are powerful differentiators in a dynamic and demanding new workplace.”

Using her experience from a vibrant and varied career, Clarke explores the eight ‘real skills’ we need for the 2020’s: Reputation Capital, Adaptability, Communication, Networking, Creativity, Problem-solving, Leadership and Learning.

A former Washington D.C. news reporter, Iraqi humanitarian aid worker and EdTech pioneer, Clarke founded FutureFit Learning in 2012 – a business that trains emerging leaders to accelerate these core competencies. The Future Fit Digital Program, adapted from this book, is delivered into major Australian businesses and multi-national organisations.

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