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In-Person Programs & Masterclasses

We mobilise minds by delivering exceptional learning experiences.

Management Fundamentals

This is a two day in-person program that provides a foundational understanding of leadership/management practices. It enables leaders and managers to use consistent and

shared language, processes and frameworks throughout the organisation. This allows a business to create a standardised approach to management and leadership practices, for greater consistency across people leadership in all departments and a greater cohesive experience of management for all staff.

*Two days in-person


The Accelerate Program

This is a powerful one day development program, designed to accelerate our leadership practice. Leadership is many things in 2024 - above all - it's an awareness of the new competencies required to create healthy & connected workplaces. This is a program designed to take us all further by exploring the role of futures thinking, personal agency, effective communication, the role of AI, the new workplace dynamics and energy awareness. 

*Two days in-person

The Fundamentals of Futures Thinking

This is a non-negotiable competency for any senior level professional leading themselves, and teams through change. We explore the role of 'unlearning,' how change happens, the drivers of change and where we can intervene to anticipate and influence the future.

*75 minute live Masterclass

Half-day in-person or online


Adaptive Leadership

This is a program for mid-career professionals that will help shift mindset towards being an active player in transformation. Learners will emerge will a deeper understanding of leadership capabilities, a natural optimism about their role in change and a clear vision around the shared purpose of the team.

*75min live Masterclass: Four Ways to Upgrade your AQ

One day in-person or online

The Emerging Female Leaders Program

The objective of this program is to advance women in the workplace across all sectors. Since 2012, Andrea and her team have been running, or contributing largely to female leadership development in major government agencies & top ASX listed organisations, including Austrade, Orora, NBN, Bunnings, QBE, Carnival & Thales.

*Two day in-person or 4 weeks online

Effective Communication

 New ways of working is proving that being a confident and clear communicator is a core competency for modern leadership, because it allows us to establish and accelerate trust with our audience, exercise authority and help others respond to change effectively. Understand what it takes to communicate change effectively and build a stronger leadership profile.

*Abbreviated 45 minute live Masterclass or one day in-person

The FutureFit Graduate Program

This is specifically designed for graduates and early career professionals, who need to build foundational human skills to accelerate their career. We explore the role of mindset, skillset & behaviours through four modules (Reputation Capital, Workplace Dynamics, Effective Communication & Networking).

*Two days in-person or 4 x online sessions

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